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Fresh - Egg packaging printing labeling customer site
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Hangzhou Biaojia Digital Technology Co., LTDadopts P540 pneumatic pressure labeling method in the application of egg packaging, realizing the weighing, printing and labeling all-in-one machine series, making egg packaging and labeling more convenient.

Case video

Labeling requirements:

Egg packaging carton, turnover basket labeling, conveying direction side labeling, real-time printing and labeling of weighing information

Labeling scheme:

Connect with the weighing equipment, realize the information can be edited and the labeling of weighing information can be displayed in real time, and the production line rotates 90° to press and print labels.

Equipment used:

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1、printing and labeling machine host-P500 series printing and labeling host

2、print label arm-P540 pneumatic pressure paste

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