Product Description
P500 series printing and labeling host

Introduction to Structure

1, touch screen: simple touch operation, quickly adjust the device parameters
2, discharge tray: inner diameter 76mm, the maximum can put label diameter 300mm
3. Print engine: Zebra or tsc engine can be selected
4. Receiving tray: the tensioning force of receiving tray can be adjusted freely to achieve more stable bidding and winding
5. Touch screen
6, U-bracket installation position: to achieve multi-angle labeling and a variety of installation methods, standardized labeling fixed position, can realize the same host with different labeling arms to achieve different labeling functions and labeling requirements
7. Trachea interface
8, 7PIN communication interface: The use of fast-plug interface, convenient labeling arm quick replacement, installation
P500 series printing and labeling host

High speed and durable

Using pneumatic technology, 7*24 hours continuous work without heat, parts without loss, longer service life of the machine
Manual work is 400 pieces per hour, using this machine can reach 2400 pieces per hour, work efficiency increased by 6 times
P500 series printing and labeling host

High scalability

1, eight kinds of labeling arm free combination, for the production of different forms of products, modular design only needs to replace the labeling arm, no need to customize the whole machine, can realize the switch of different business, so that the delivery time is shorter. (Custom design is supported on special requirements, of course.)
2, compact structure, compact shape, 360 degree rotation adjustment, to meet the needs of different labeling positions, can be used single machine, can also be integrated into the production line operation, easy to connect with all kinds of production lines and production scenes
P500 series printing and labeling host

Stable and reliable

1, the industrial design scheme, stable and reliable performance, the machine working process does not crash, no card, no paper leakage, to ensure that the machine 24 hours stable, continuous work
2. PLC control, free from external interference, strong reliability, fast processing speed, the fastest execution speed of instructions is 0.35us
P500 series printing and labeling host

Intelligent control

Integrated labeling action control and print data processing
Without manual duty, easy to achieve automatic machine operation, improve work efficiency, thus reducing production costs
P500 series printing and labeling host

Print support

1, support a variety of formats, users can customize the label template, bar code, text, picture and change data source, so that the user's labeling is not restricted by the printed content.
2, high printing precision, can achieve 600dpi printing
P500 series printing and labeling host

Interface Description

1. Pressure regulating valve
2. Engine power interface
3. Ethernet interface: 10/100 Mbit/s
4, 7PIN interface: IO point interface
5, 4PIN interface: active interface
6, 2PIN interface: 485 serial communication
7, USB2.0 high-speed interface: PC special
 Brand Name: ZEBRA、TSC
 Printing Resolution: 203 Dpi、300 Dpi、600 Dpi
 Label Material:Coated paper、thermal paper、PE composite membrane and so on
 Label Size: W: 13-168mm、H: 10-300mm
 Label Roll Size: Inner diamater:76mm、Outer diamater:300mm
 Power Supply: 100-220V
 Work Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
 Interface Type: USB、Ethernet
 Control Interface: 2PIN RS485、4PIN Active Interface、9PIN IO Point
 Warranty: 1 Year


Product video
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Cartons, PE plastic traditional Chinese medicine bags, glass tubes, air conditioning packaging, pallets, electricity meter labeling and so on case collection sharing...... For more cases, please click Application Field to see ~
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