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What do we need to prepare for GSI's Global QR Code Migration Plan?

In order to further promote the unified standards and connectivity of QR codes worldwide, the GSI initiative Global QR Code Migration Program came into being.

Modern chemical production line on the indispensable equipment - printing and labeling machine

Printing and labeling machine is a kind of equipment integrating printing and labeling functions. Through automatic operation, rapid identification and labeling of product packaging can be realized.

Printing and labeling machine: efficient labeling solution in intelligent manufacturing

More and more enterprises begin to adopt intelligent production mode, including the application of printing and labeling machine, this paper will introduce the application of printing and labeling machine in intelligent manufacturing and its advantages.

Real-time printing and labeling machine use skills and precautions

Real-time printing and labeling machine is a kind of advanced printing equipment, which can realize automatic identification and labeling on the production line, improve production efficiency and reduce manual operation.

From manufacturing to retail: The application of printing and labeling machines in different industries

As one of the items identification equipment, printing and labeling machine, with intelligent, automatic, efficient characteristics, widely used in manufacturing, logistics, medical, retail and other industries.
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BEAJET Printing and labeling machine has high reliability, high integration; Widely used in food, medicine, fresh, logistics, e-commerce, electronics and industrial manufacturing and other industries